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Going out and spending time outdoors might be part of the fun of living in Redondo Beach, but there's nothing amusing about having to leave the home when you're sick. This is why House Call Doctor Los Angeles is gaining popularity as an alternative to urgent care in Redondo Beach. Led by Michel Farzam, MD, House Call Doctor Los Angeles is a concierge service that brings a board certified doctor directly to you. This means that, as opposed to urgent care, Redondo Beach residents can rest comfortably in their homes while meeting with the doctor. One visit from House Call Doctor Los Angeles can save the equivalent of 3 to 4 car rides, including trips to and from the pharmacy and physician or urgent care Redondo Beach location.

More importantly, the quality of care provided by Dr. Farzam is much more personalized than that found at an urgent care. Every phone call to House Call Doctor Los Angeles is answered by a physician. Then, once at the patient's, House Call Doctor Los Angeles spends as much time with them as is needed, giving them the comprehensive care they deserve. Dr. Farzam will even follow up with a personal phone call, keeping the line of communication open to help the recovery process.

House Call at the Office, Hotel, and even on the Road

Dr. Farzam's services aren't limited to home visits. If you can't or don't want to take the time off work to go to the physician, House Call Doctor Los Angeles will come to you whether you need urgent care in Encino, Manhattan Beach, or anywhere else you may work in the LA area. The company even has a custom corporate service program that provides medical care for a whole office that would like a physician on call. For visitors to the area far from their regular physician, House Call Doctor Los Angeles is also a great choice. Dr. Farzam's regular patients can even schedule telemedicine services to bring medical care and advice through Skype or telephone while they're away.

To learn more about House Call Doctor Los Angeles or to schedule an appointment, call 310-849-7991 any time day or night. Dr. Farzam services the whole Los Angeles area as an alternative to urgent care, Van Nuys, Bel Air, Hollywood, Malibu, San Fernando Valley, Thousand Oaks, and much more included.